Transgender Participation Policy

The GGFC supports a competition framework that fosters fairness and inclusion without subjecting individuals to discrimination based on Gender Identity. Transgender athletes may participate in the GGFC in accordance with this Transgender Participation Policy (the “Policy”). Athletes who do not qualify under the requirements set forth in this Policy are required to compete in the Division that matches the sex assigned to such athlete at birth.
Transgender Criteria 
To participate in a Division other than that which matches the athlete’s sex assigned at birth, the athlete must meet the following criteria (the “Transgender Criteria”):
1. The athlete must have consistently identified with the transgender identity in the athlete’s everyday life for at least 2 consecutive years prior to registration; and
2. The athlete:
   a. must have been undergoing hormonal or other treatment supporting the transgender identity under the supervision of a qualified professional practitioner for at least 2 years preceding registration; or
   b. must have valid civil documentation (e.g., driver’s license or passport) listing the athlete’s gender that matches the transgender registration.
The GGFC, in its discretion, may request documentation to substantiate transgender participation. If the athlete is unable to provide documentation supporting 2.a. or 2.b. above, the athlete can provide medical or other documentation satisfactory to the GGFC to support the Transgender registration. Failure to provide requested documentation will result in a denial of the transgender registration.
Nonbinary athletes will compete in the gender Division of the athlete’s sex assigned at birth.
During registration, an athlete is required to select the appropriate gender-based Division. An athlete who registers to participate in a Division other than that matching the sex assigned to the athlete at birth represents to the GGFC that the athlete has reviewed this Policy, fulfills the Transgender Criteria, and agrees to comply with all aspects of the Policy. The Registration Form will require an attestation of fulfillment and compliance as a condition to entry.
Athletes have 48 hours to submit a written appeal to [email protected] if the athlete’s Transgender Participation registration is rejected. The GGFC will timely respond to the appeal, request that the athlete explain why the decision should be overturned, and provide supporting documentation, in a secure manner. The GGFC will review and provide a decision (in the GGFC’s sole discretion), which decision shall be final.
Any registered athlete may challenge the gender classification of another athlete by submitting a written challenge to [email protected]. The submission will be acknowledged; however, to protect confidentiality, no further information will be provided.
Documentation submitted in support of Transgender participation will be treated as confidential information. Registering athletes give their consent to the GGFC to share such information with appropriate Gold’s Gym staff and GGFC personnel on a need-to-know basis, as may be reasonably required in the application of this Policy.