GGFC Local Exercises

Each member will be assigned a 30-minute time slot with an official GGFC Judge upon confirmation of registration with your local gym. Members will have 10 minutes built into their time slot for trainers to lead them through an optional warm-up.  The workout will be timed with 1 minute of exercise followed by 1 minute of rest. Members are allowed to compete only once, with no second attempts to improve scores.

Personal Trainers, Trained Staff, or External PTs will judge members to ensure they complete the exercises correctly, count reps, and monitor time. The scores are determined by the trainer, not the member. Members who wish to qualify for nationals should record their session. All national qualifiers are required to submit a video of their workout. Competitors without a video submission will not qualify for nationals. Videos must be uploaded on the day they compete.

The exercises will be kept confidential from members until launch day and will be posted on this website on August 2nd at 12 PM EST. Judges must upload members’ scores on the day they compete. We are not accepting scores after August 12th at 11:59 PM EST.

We will use participants’ individual exercise scores to determine tie-breakers. The highest score will win the tie-breaker. If there is a tie for the highest score, we will move on to the next exercise and so on. The order will be announced in the case of tie-breakers.

GGFC National Exercises

There will be 10 exercises, slightly different for males and females. The exercises will be kept confidential until the day of the event. One male and one female winner will be awarded 1st place in the USA.